Vin Art

If art is a form of communication, then it is too often a conversation between museums, galleries, and auction houses; and it is too often a discussion about value. We think that it should not only be like that. Art should be intimate, it should speak to you, and challenge you. Like a friend — a good friend that you meet for an evening fuelled with sparkling wine that sparks your talks.

Gaia Loglio

Our first Friend & Artist is Gaia Loglio: the young, aspiring painter based in Paris is inspired by the small, often overlooked objects in life: a wasted quarter of a lemon, an overfilled fruit bowl, a wine glass half full. Drawing from the rich history of still lives, her paintings, however, accentuate how these seemingly insignificant objects are little testaments of lively interaction between friends; a lemon that has been cut open for a drink, a bowl that has been filled for hospitality, a wine glass that has been shared.

Fritz Müller Wine

A good bottle of wine can prove to be something just as artistic as a work of art. Together with Fritz Müller, Jolou Studio combines their passion for art and cuisine in Vin Art.

“Fritz is not produced like a mass sparkling wine. Yet it should still taste good to everybody. To all those who don’t want to philosophically sniff the glass, but also want to just have a drink. Without a headache and without an empty wallet the next day.”

Therefore, with every T-shirt order comes a bottle of organic sparkling wine by Fritz Müller, for the next art talk, the next get-together with friends, the next sunny day.